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I look through Amazon’s best seller list several times a week to check out what’s new, what’s free, and what people are reading.  It’s mostly full of paranormal romance novels and I usually leave disappointed.

This is what I found today:

crap with a side of crap

Fifty Shades of Grey is outselling dozens of other titles despite being unavailable for purchase.  How is this possible?  Is A Game of Thrones experiencing negative sales?

Later on in life, I will start a blog to soil the name of E.L. James, but the helpful Amazon product review pundits are already on the case.  The most helpful negative review gave us a little shading on the book: “Then there’s the use of “shades of”. He’s “fifty shades of @#$%% up,” “she turned 7 shades of crimson,” “he’s ten shades of x,y, and z.” Seriously?”  Ah, yes.  I finally see where the title comes from.  The most helpful positive review was a lot nicer: “I found it to be very addicting which is really disturbing for me.”  It’s high praise to say that a book captured your normally dull, listless attention.

Amazon’s Top 100 can be found here.  Good luck finding a freebie that doesn’t involve sex, werewolves, or a combination of the two.