silent is the night

Silent Is the NightSilent Is the Night is my first release and is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CreateSpace:

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This is a story that is rooted in true events.  When I was a young whelp, I attended church services and we went door to door during the holidays, Christmas caroling to shut-ins.  My novella is a fictionalized retelling of what happened during those fateful adventures.  The catalyst for writing the whole story is the event that takes place during the first few pages; I was accosted outside of a train station by a woman soliciting donations for a charity that I’d never heard of.  I started writing a rant about good charity versus bad charity and did a slow curve into a story that was part comic, part tragic, and part feel-good.

My editor summarized it best:  “The book humorously shows how well-meaning gestures can go horribly wrong. One disaster after the next gradually builds to a hilarious climax where young and old alike become the victims to the Christmas ‘volcano.'”

This story, short as it may be (~75 pages), took me a solid year to write.  It wasn’t a steady writing process.  Sometimes a paragraph a day would be a victory, and other days I would pound out five or ten pages.  Then I took three months off, forgot about it, left it under a pile of cat hair and dust.  It was the best three months I ever spent working on a story, because when I hit it again, I had fresh eyes and fresh perspective.

Many thanks for your interest in my project and I hope you enjoy reading it.  Also, a shout out to Susan Cotter Photography, which provided the front (shown) and rear cover photography for the book.

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