Dec 13


The world is a cruel place.  Unfortunately, it is the only place we know, which makes it a little harder to cope with.  Perhaps if we knew of some better place, life would be easier.  The mall is not one of those places.  The mall is an open invitation for germs, stupidity, and the hope that we may one day evolve beyond the magnificent failures that creep past us.

I was in the mall because my wife dropped off her rings to be resized.  The job took conveniently longer than her shopping trip, so she dispatched me to pick them up.  I’m sure there’s some sort of rent-reduction clause to make this happen.  So I putted around, killing time, dealing death stares to the center kiosks that attack passersby with their harassing pitches.  No, I don’t want a remote control helicopter.  No, I don’t want a massage in the middle of a heavily-trafficked corridor.  Malls might be enjoyable if stores didn’t rely on siphoned traffic.  Just kidding – no mall is enjoyable.  No thank you, cellular store guy standing in the hallway, I don’t need your services.

While I was walking around, I heard a woman say, “It doesn’t look like they have a lot of Patriots stuff.”  Here’s a picture of that store’s display:


I sincerely hope she finds what she’s looking for.

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