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Boston: Have you heard of Uber?

London: Tally ho, on we go.

Seoul: If you have any information leading to the arrest of this woman please make a report.

Pyongyang: Acceptable fares include showing your personal picture of the Dear Leader or donating a family member.

Paris: We take cigarettes, bribes, or fare jumping. We’ll also speak English if you give us five euros.

Pittsburgh: This line ends at Primanti’s.

New York: Take the A to the 5 to the B to the X to the LMNOP.

Moscow: Moskau! Moskau!

Madrid: If you’re going to bomb us, please let us know.


Washington, DC.: Did you know our trains drive themselves?

Cleveland: Did you know we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

San Juan: Please send money.

Boston: Please send money to us too.