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MacGruber doesn’t know how to read, but that didn’t stop him from reading Silent Is the Night.

Yes, he is reading it upside down, but read it he did.  My first major release, Silent Is the Night is now available as a paperback as well as in Kindle and Nook eBook formats.  The eBook edition has an introductory launch price of $0.99 and the paperback is $4.99.

Silent Is the Night follows the story of a middle school-aged boy who joins his church Christmas caroling group.  The group’s mission is to carol to shut-ins and collect donations for UNICEF.  Along the way, he encounters a full spectrum of people, from a rugged Marine turned school counselor to a crunchy old cat lady.  It’s a story about people trying desperately to do the right thing despite not always knowing how to do it.

I’ve set up a page dedicated to this book on my webpage, and you can find it here.  If you are on Goodreads, add it to your bookshelf!  And, as always, your reviews are welcome.

Thank you for reading!