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Ridley Scott uses a lot of great special effects to deliver a film that is satisfying to both thrill enthusiasts and action adventurists.

If that appeals to you, see it. If it doesn’t, read on.

Prometheus is a great film to look at. All of the candy is there: flashy special effects, a robot trained in the art of British butlerism, a giant ship with a dozen and a half expendable souls, and religion in a new sector of the galaxy. The problem with Prometheus is that it covers too much ground.

The premise is quite simple: after analyzing cave paintings that span 35,000 years of history on Earth, archeologists discover that humankind worshipped a common god though the worshippers were independent and separated by several epochs. The solution? Build a huge ship and say hello.

The huge ship is awe-inspiring. It creates hope for the future; even in the greatest political and socioeconomic strife, mankind can build a ship that will traverse the galaxy and initiate first contact. We find out later that it was built by a company at a cost of one trillion dollars, invalidating all hope for mankind.

What impressed me most about this movie was that they introduced items of scale correctly.  When the ship Prometheus is shown against the inky blackness of space and existence, it’s a massive cargo bay with rockets strapped to it.  When the planet in question is introduced, Prometheus is tiny, and disappears against the texture of the planet it orbits.  When the alien civilization is introduced, Prometheus lands next to it, kicking up a little puff of dust next to domes scraping the atmosphere.

I will not spoil the movie for you, but if you do see it, tell me this: how did the first scene contribute to the rest of the film?  What did the holographic recordings add to plot development?  Why did David do what he did?  Why would you build an interstellar craft without the means to defend itself?  Why was Theron’s character necessary to the story?

If you’re going to find God, find God.  You have a blank canvas; there’s no reason not to.  The movie ends with more questions than answers, and while it’s important to allow the viewer an interpretation that won’t be broken with a cursory Google search, it’s also important not to build an obligatory sequel just because you can.

I look through Amazon’s best seller list several times a week to check out what’s new, what’s free, and what people are reading.  It’s mostly full of paranormal romance novels and I usually leave disappointed.

This is what I found today:

crap with a side of crap

Fifty Shades of Grey is outselling dozens of other titles despite being unavailable for purchase.  How is this possible?  Is A Game of Thrones experiencing negative sales?

Later on in life, I will start a blog to soil the name of E.L. James, but the helpful Amazon product review pundits are already on the case.  The most helpful negative review gave us a little shading on the book: “Then there’s the use of “shades of”. He’s “fifty shades of @#$%% up,” “she turned 7 shades of crimson,” “he’s ten shades of x,y, and z.” Seriously?”  Ah, yes.  I finally see where the title comes from.  The most helpful positive review was a lot nicer: “I found it to be very addicting which is really disturbing for me.”  It’s high praise to say that a book captured your normally dull, listless attention.

Amazon’s Top 100 can be found here.  Good luck finding a freebie that doesn’t involve sex, werewolves, or a combination of the two.

Welcome to my shiny new website, and thank you for reading the intentionally boring but obligatory first post.

This space is for various projects, exploring ideas, and most importantly, writing.  I enjoy writing about current events, pop culture, and my withering interest in the Boston Red Sox (my apathy is tied to their win/loss record).  I also enjoy writing about daily life observed – people, places, and things, on the way to work or sitting in the movie theater.  People watching is a great sport and I am a major competitor on the pro circuit.  Most of my fiction is based on the observed.  You’ll also see the occasional book review – Fifty Shades of Grey excluded.  You can read that smut at your leisure.  I’m a finer sort than that.

Eventually this space will contain my virtual bookshelf, with information about pieces of fiction that will be available on various e-reading platforms.  I’m currently working on a novella (~50 pages) and hope to have it ready for you to read soon.  Updates will be posted here.

Thank you for bearing witness to the birth of my new website and blog.  My goal is to update once per week with something – a thought, an idea, a funny link, or a YouTube video that wastes 3:31 of your life.  You’re welcome.  The world needs more singing orangutans, and YouTube will ensure that supply exceeds demand.